Second Grave on the Left (Charley Davidson, #2)

The Rift Walker (Vampire Empire, #2)

Second Grave on the Left by Darynda Jones
Pub­lisher: St. Martin's Press
Pages: Kindle Edition, 318 pages
Series: Charley Davidson
Pub­li­ca­tion date: August 16th 2011

When Charley is rudely awakened in the middle of the night by her best friend who tells her to get dressed quickly and tosses clothes out of the closet at her, she can’t help but wonder what Cookie’s up to. Leather scrunch boots with a floral miniskirt? Together? Seriously?

Cookie explains that a friend of hers named Mimi disappeared five days earlier and that she just got a text from her setting up a meet at a coffee shop downtown. They show up at the coffee shop, but no Mimi. But Charley finds a message on the bathroom wall. Mimi left a clue, a woman’s name. Mimi’s husband explains that his wife had been acting strange since she found out an old friend of hers from high school had been found murdered a couple weeks prior. The same woman Mimi had named in her message.

Meanwhile, Reyes Alexander Farrow (otherwise known as the Son of Satan. Yes. Literally) has left his corporeal body and is haunting Charley. He’s left his body because he’s being tortured by demons who want to lure Charley closer. But Reyes can’t let that happen. Because if the demons get to Charley, they’ll have a portal to heaven. And if they have a portal to heaven…well, let’s just say it wouldn’t be pretty.

Can Charley handle hot nights with Reyes and even hotter days tracking down a missing woman? Will Cookie ever get a true fashion sense? And is there enough coffee and chocolate in the world to fuel them as they do?

Ooooh kay. Nothing happened. No, drama llama happened. Lots of Reyes-related drama llama.

There were things that I kind of liked in this one. I’m having déjà vu, aren’t you? Anyways, I kind of liked Charley’s character development. I like that Reyes stopped helping her in dire situations and she was able to deal with her shit. Maybe she’ll become a badass heroine soon. I kind of doubt it, but at least it’s not because of her lack of trying. The “mystery” was ok, better than the previous book. At least it made me slightly interested and wasn’t so easily predictable. It ended up being silly, but what’s not silly in the Charley Davidson series?

Aaaaaaaand I can’t think of anything else I liked. Sad, really.

Now for the things that I didn’t like. The Reyes side of things. I found Second Grave on the Left to be too similar to the previous book. Yes, Charley’s off searching for Reyes again. Yes, Reyes isn’t helping. Yes, there’s a shitload of drama and running in circles. No, there’s no development in the hell-related side of things. Reyes was acting like a spoiled dick throughout the book. He wasn’t hot anymore, not while having this shitty attitude. Charley and Reyes’ relationship is too melodramatic. Meh. Really. Meh. I was bored out of my mind.



  1. Great review. I actually liked this book. Maybe because of the drama llama running around? I don't know. I find Jones' snarky writing funny and I love the chapter titles. So far I've made it to book 3 which may end up just pissing you off more with the whole Reyes being an ass thing, but I thought it was refreshing to have Reyes in the flesh.
    p.s. Love your blog. I'm a new follower.
    Kristin @ Book Sniffers Anonymous

    1. I'm actually done with the entire series and I really loved it in the end. I'm really looking forward to reading the next installment!

      And thanks for the follow ^_^

  2. Long time reader, first time blog visitor - enjoyed your review ( I almost always enjoy your reviews. Sorry to get all fan girl here) but I found Charlie too predictable and boring to even finish the book. Snarky, yes, but predictable snark. Too many instances of acting like she thought a badass should act and not enough true inner strength. Posturing is the word I'm looking for. And too much substance in the writig to be a read and toss book.

    1. Hey, happy to hear you enjoy reading my reviews. Lately I haven't had much free time to keep on writing, so the blog is pretty deserted.

      Charley is a weird character, I thought she would become more interesting as the series evolves. She didn't. She's more or less the same, only badass because of "spoiler: very special superpowers that pop out of nowhere". Yeah. It's lazy writing, if you ask me. The only reason why I'm still reading it is Reyes. Sadly. I have a weak spot for the guy.


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