Troll Hunters (Troll Hunters #1-4)

The Rift Walker (Vampire Empire, #2)

Troll Hunters by Michael Dahl
Pub­lisher: Stone Arch Books
Pages: Hardcover, 313 pages
Series: Troll Hunters
Pub­li­ca­tion date: August 1st 2012

In the small town of Zion Falls, on the night of the spectacular Draconids meteor shower, four children are chosen to defend their homes and families from the coming of the gathool, a race of evil subterranean trolls. The children discover that they each have a secret power, and they are helped by mysterious Doctor Hoo, but will they be strong enough to save the world from death and destruction… or worse? (School Library Journal)

Overall, Troll Hunters looks extremely cool. It’s full of textured pages and creepy illustrations; the one below is just an example.

It is needless to say that the illustrations are the best thing about the book. I think Troll Hunters would work better as a graphic novel due to its too simplistic writing style. Also, the whole story isn’t interesting enough for a book. Or better yet, it needs a more suitable author to work on it.

The story feels clipped and dry. No character depth, shallow dialogues, very short chapters (I hate very short chapters). It is overall boring minus, I repeat, the awesome illustrations.

I would recommend you to buy this only for the eye candy. If you’re looking for great literature then you should probably skip this one.

2.5 stars

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