Indexing my shit: A short story

Because you guys asked for it, here’s a little index for some of my weirdest named shelves. And it’s alphabetically sorted! Hurrah!

a-bit-of-mush – books that have a bit of romance in them, but the romance is not the focus.

absolute-madness – the best of the best.

casper-ate-my-sandwich – books about ghosts.

cause-this-is-thriller – thriller. duh.

cheesetacular – hey, waiter! too much cheese!

dark-so-dark – dark fantasy.

dungeons-and-dragons – books about dragons.

dystoteque – dystopian. yes, I’m awesome.

evil-horned-ones –books about demons.

fanged-and-deadly – books about vampires.

fat-kitty-judges-you – you have offended Fat Kitty. prepare to die.

furry-wild-and-rabid – books about werewolves and/or shifters.

good-guy-greg - he borrows your car and returns it with a full tank of gas. he comes over for dinner and washes the dishes. he is better than you in every way, but never talks about it and makes you feel better about yourself instead.

holy-winged-ones – books about angels.

hop-on-a-broom – books about witches.


like-a-sir – historical.

lots-of-kisses-and-mushy-stuff – romance. pure romance. yuck.

maids-de-la-mer – books about mermaids.

mary-sue – kind of like good-guy-greg, but she doesn’t make you feel better about yourself.

masters-of-snoozeville – most boring books ever!

me-likes-them-creepies – creepy shit.

punks-who-are-into-steam – steampunk baby!

right-in-the-childhood – children’s books.

rotten-stinky-walking-dead – dem zombiez.

skimfest ‎- skim skim skim skim skim skim skim.

tails-of-faries – guess this one.

them-epics – epic fantasy.

to-the-batmobile – books about superheroes. I’m batman.

to-the-mystery-machine – mystery books. duh. Go watch some Scooby Doo.

tor - check it out. you’re welcome.

well-hello-there-mister-stalker books about stalkers. they are many these days.

ya-is-dead the wonderful Young Adult genre.

zzzzzzz made me fall asleep. literally. it’s a challenge, really.

So there you have it. Lemme know in the comments if I missed anything.

Live long and prosperous!

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