Wild Man (Dream Man #2)

Wild Man (Dream Man, #2)

     While filling her display case in her bakery, the bell over the door sounds and Tessa O’Hara looks up and sees the man of her dreams. Within thirty seconds he asks her out for a beer. Thirty seconds later, she says yes. But after four months of falling in love, she discovers he’s an undercover DEA Agent investigating the possibility she’s involved in her ex-husband’s drug business
     Obviously Tess decides this means it’s over.
     But DEA Agent Brock Lucas disagrees. A man on a mission who’s really committed to his job, he’s spent years in the underbelly of Denver with the dregs of society. And spending four months with Tess who’s as sweet as her cupcakes, he seriously enjoyed his job. But during Tess’s interrogation, Brock learns the devastating secret Tess is carrying and he’s determined to be the man who helps her heal as well as take her back as she walks on the wild side.
     As wild and sweet mix, they face challenge after challenge of family struggling with history and terminal illness. Not to mention, Tess’s ex-husband, the drug lord and Brock’s ex-wife, who has a very big playbook are scheming to tear them apart.
     But Brock Lucas has wild in him and once in his past on the trail of vengeance he let that wild loose, making a mistake that he would have no idea years later will put his sweet Tess in the position to pay his penance.

What I liked:

1. Tess owning a bakery.
2. Brock.
3. Brock and Tess's relationship. It was cheesy but beautiful.

What I disliked:

1. The beginning was slow and it took me nearly 40% to truly get into the story.
2. Brock acting like every other hero of KA's with very few distinguishing characteristics.
3. Tessa being a curvy blonde in her forties. Brunettes and redheads in their twenties or early thirties clearly don't exist in KAland.
4. The writing. I know I should be getting used to it with each KA book I read, but the opposite's happening. I'm increasingly disliking the way her characters talk and narrate.
5. The run-on sentences and never-ending paragraphs. I know this could fit in #4, but it deserves its own number because of how much it bugged me.

What I loved:

1. Levi and Lenore's relationship.
2. The ending, of course.

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