Heavy Metal Thunder (Heavy Metal Thunder, #1)

Heavy Metal Thunder (Heavy Metal Thunder, #1)

In Heavy Metal Thunder, our solar system has been overrun by extraterrestrial invaders. You play as a soldier in the human resistance. While cut off from your unit, you find out that your allies in the resistance are being tracked down by the alien invaders and will be ruthlessly crushed… unless you can find them and warn them before it’s too late.

On your journey you’ll meet the wild dregs of the solar system, and it will be up to you to choose how to deal with them. Do you help out those who have given up the fight against the invaders, or do you take shortcuts and gun down anyone in your way? As you learn how to fight the invaders you’ll gain levels and new skills, but limited resources will make it impossible to save everyone.

I found Heavy Metal Thunder free on Amazon. Lucky day? Maybe. I actually considered myself lucky for finding it and in spite of its lack of reviews, I ordered it. Was it the cover? Hell yeah, I won’t lie. Is it worth your time? Let’s find out if it’s a yes or no answer.

Heavy Metal Thunder is not a novel. I repeat. Not a novel. It is a Choose Your Own Adventure book.

What the hell is a Choose Your Own Adventure book you ask? CYOA is a sort of book written from a second person point of view. You assume the role of the main character; make choices, loot objects, level up and so on. It is exactly like a Role Playing video game. All your actions will determine the plot's outcome and whether your character will survive or die a horrible death.

I love Role-Playing games. LOVE them. However CYOA... nope, not for me. I got extremely bored going through all the choices, dialogues, always keeping track of your inventory and character stats (I am so not going to note everything down – too lazy to do that) and virtual level ups. I need prizes. I need cool gadgets, weapons. I need to see the blood of my enemies on my hands, and their brains scattered on the walls! I’m keen on visuals. I know.

The story did not help either. It’s the typical invaders killing everything and the long-lost soldier saving the day. Meh. I just finished Mass Effect 3 so bitch please. I need something better than this.

So I’m afraid I’ll drop it. If you are geeky enough, then give it a try else I suggest you avoid this one.

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