Zombie Fairy Tales

Zombie Fairy Tales

Collected here are 7 short, slightly twisted fairy tales retold from a zombie perspective. What if Cinderella had been undead when she went to the ball? What if Little Red Riding Hood went to Grandma's house to eat her?


Zombie Fairy Tales by Jill Myles
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Well now this has been entertaining. I swear I was laughing like a lunatic when reading some of these stories.


But why is this book so painfully short?? I finished it in like 30 minutes or something. But, I know I’m going to repeat myself and I’m still going to say it, it was very very VERY funny.

Ok maybe not so funny but entertaining nonetheless. My favorite story was Zombie Cinderella.

Crack! She looked down and saw Cinderella break off her big toe.
The matching one on the other side went as well.
Crack crack!
The two pinky toes on each foot went next, and after that, the zombie picked up the shoe and slid it on with a wet slurp.

So much win.

Oh and by the way, here’s a thing that has been on my mind since a long time. Sleeping Beauty has been asleep for years, right? And then Prince Charming comes and wakes her up. She’s all pretty and perfect and peachy. In this book she’s (hold on to your horses, I’m sure you weren’t expecting this) A ZOMBIE!!


So she’s a zombie and she has stinky breath. Like chemical waste stinky breath.

Finally some truth to the fairy tale!!

BUT!!! Her legs are smooth. Uhm excuse me? Is she in a state of statis or something? The hair grows in time; I’m presuming that she’d have hairy dude legs by the time the prince gets to her.

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