Forbidden Magic (Magic #1)

Forbidden Magic (Magic #1)Forbidden Magic by Cheyenne McCray
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Forbidden Magic is another book that will end up in the trash. Or cut into little tiny pieces. Or a pillow for a homeless person.

Why? Good question my friend. Forbidden Magic is similar to playing a RPG game on beginner mode. Everything is just too easy.

Kid: Hey look mom! *wiggles fingers* I just opened a black hole that’s going to eat the planet and kill us all!
Mom: Great work dear. Now come on in, dinner’s getting cold.

In the next moment she ran her hand down in the air before her face, drawing a glamour around herself and disappearing from human sight.

Biting her lower lip in concentration, Silver flicked one finger in the air, sending her magic to do her bidding. In the next second she heard the rusty scrape of metal against wood as the latch unfastened.

Just like watching The Disney Channel. Add the typical lust at first sight and we have a cheesy book!
He was one of the most gorgeous men she'd ever seen. A man who made her heart pound, and fire burn in her blood.

I swear I’ll stop continuing any book that has this lust at first sight crap in it. I’m just sick of it!

Another thing that bothered me is the unoriginality of the story and environment. Everything is typical! It’s a sad boring book. And the author is actually trying her best to add depth to the story. Ooooooh yes, she tries so hard. Information Overflow Achievement unlocked!

I actually couldn’t even skim the book till the end. That’s how sad it is. And disgustingly pornographic.

Before I forget. If any chick (witch or whatever) mentions the word “Goddess” during fear, worry, surprise or awe I will punch the b*tch in the face.

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