Fancy Pants (Wynette, Texas #1)

She was the most beautiful British bauble in Europe's jet-set playgrounds. Now she's broke, furious, and limping down a backwoods road in an ugly pink Southern Belle gown. He’s a tall, lean Texan who’s sure to regret stopping his car for this woebegone, surly Scarlett? Meet Francesca Day and Dallie Beaudine, two incredible characters whose tangled love affair is the adventure of a lifetime.


This book was like a carrousel ride for me. It had so many ups and downs that by the end I didn’t know what to think of it. I started with lots of hatred towards the main characters and bit by bit I got to love some. Others.. well they constantly sucked. Yes Dallie, I’m talking about you.

When I started Fancy Pants I had something in mind. A bit of comedy, a feisty heroine and a jackass hero. Hell, the typical Susan Elizabeth Phillips stuff. *excitement excitement*

Soooo I was reading and reading. Strange things going on. Nothing like the Susan Elizabeth Phillips books I’ve read so far. But the eternal believer in me knew the good stuff was coming. And then I stumbled into this:

“Anything in life was permissible … as long as she looked pretty doing it.”

Aaaand this:

“I’m worried about you, Mummy. There are circles under your eyes, and you look tired all the time. You’ve also been impossible to live with. Only yesterday you brought home the beige Givenchy kimono for me instead of the silver one I asked you to get.”

*awkward silence*

So uhmm… How to best explain the transition of my feelings?


I hated Francesca’s guts, as you can imagine. I wasn’t happy with having a heroine who was a complete idiot. Of course I kept on cursing and then reading some more and then cursing again. Soon after that something bad happened to our favorite girlie girl. Of course I was immature about it and thought that I caused her mum’s accident. Muahaahaaha. I was at least trying to enjoy myself by being happy because of her suffering. The normal thing to do in my case, trust me.

And then Dallie appeared. My first (and last) image of him:


My Dallie is a perfect replica of Brad Pitt. I don’t care what you think! I don’t wanna hear it! *covers ears* Lalalalalalalalaaaaa!

So of course I liked the dude in the beginning. He seemed cool and funny. Plus him being an ass to Francesca got him on my good graces. But then I got to know him a lot better and I ended up hating his guts. I know, right? How can I hate his guts when he looks like that? Well, I consider myself a strong person and- yeah you’re probably right. I’ll cut the crap. He actually sucked that much! I ended up switching places between Francie and him. Heh, how the hell did that happen?

That’s actually a good question. How the hell did I end up liking that bimbo?? Well first of all it was nice seeing Francie evolve into an actual person. I had an inner battle where I kept screaming at myself for getting soft whenever she was suffering. So you can imagine I was like “Must...not...feel...bad...for....evil...Francesca....” *a scene where she has to clean toilets* ”Aaaawwwww Francesca poor thing!!!!!”

let me love you

It felt nice growing up with Francesca. I got to hate her, admire her and in the end love her. It felt intimate and wonderful.

Gerry is awesome; loved him. He was my favorite character. Teddy is great too. A silent killer, I have to respect that. I even ended up liking Holly Grace. Imagine that!

The book was oozing drama so I have to admit this is not one of Susan Elizabeth Phillips’ best. I like her books to be a bit lighter than this. I was thinking of giving it three stars but the ending deserves an extra one.

Oh and I still hate Dallie’s guts. Must kill. Now.


Final Score: ****


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