Wolfsbane (Nightshade #2)

This thrilling sequel to the much-talked-about Nightshade begins just where it ended-Calla Tor wakes up in the lair of the Searchers, her sworn enemy, and she's certain her days are numbered. But then the Searchers make her an offer-one that gives her the chance to destroy her former masters and save the pack-and the man-she left behind. Is Ren worth the price of her freedom? And will Shay stand by her side no matter what? Now in control of her own destiny, Calla must decide which battles are worth fighting and how many trials true love can endure and still survive.

Wolfsbane (Nightshade #2)

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Well… my fangirl moment came to an end. I woke up reading the second book and I was thinking wtf did I see in the first one? This is bullsh*t! Yep! Maybe I’m having a multiple personality disorder or aliens were controlling my brain and were forcing me to like Nightshade. I guess that would be the logical explanation, don’t you think?

In the first book we saw the world from the Keepers and Guardians POV which now is considered the enemy line. Now we get to see where the good guys stand. If they really are the good guys. I find it fascinating either way. It’s a new universe, new characters and a whole lot of pressure. Good stuff so far.

The story itself is not bad. I mean some things were really cool, like the Searchers, a “flying/moving/teleporting” Academy (lol – WTF), some new characters and the villain which is still not evil enough for me to like him much. But these things didn’t make up for the stupid teenage drama that was going on. I’m close to turning 24 soooo I don’t have the patience needed to go through sh*t like this.

Connor is my favorite character, after him comes Silas (these two fighting made my day!) and that’s it. Or not! I guess Adne was good also. Shame on you Shay! You betrayed my trust so I don’t like you anymore!!! My fangirl hypnotic state is gone!! I’m alive again!!!! Get ready to be criticized *evil laugh* muahahahahahaaaa

Question! Do I really love Shay that much?

Answer: Naw, I’m just kidding. I actually hate his guts. Calla’s too.

Why is Shay acting so soft and comfortable to that Adne whatever her name is chick? I mean hello the girl you love just woke up sleeping with the enemies (heh) after being shot and she’s not having such an easy time coping with this. She also risked her life to save your ungrateful ass and left her pack and family behind for the same reasons (not to mention the horrible things that happened to them because of this – I’ll get back to that later). Now this is proving that you’re not cute anymore Shay!!!! You’re a big asshole!!!!111223!!

Calla doesn’t seem like an alpha wolf to me. She has many loose ends; she’s not cunning or cold blooded. She takes bad decisions and she abandoned her pack very easily for a stranger. In my book she is a bad leader.

*sings* Flaws flaws, the air is full of flaws!!!!

So let me get this straight. The Keepers use the Guardians as lapdogs. They control what places they live in, who they marry, when they have kids and probably when and how they die. Having this didn’t EVER make the wolves think of slavery? No? Anyone?...

Wait! There’s more! So the Keepers make the wolves, right? If they can make them then they can also unmake them. But Calla just "made" Shay a wolf. That means that all wolves can create other wolves. So why can’t another wolf recreate one that was unmade? Isn’t that equal to, say, a PC getting formatted? You just install the OS again and done! Simple really. But of course it won’t work that way! The universe they live in is way more complex than my mere mortal mind…

Spoiler for the next part. Deep secrets down there… CTRL + A to read.

Calla found out her mum died. Because of her. And her brother lost his inner wolf, which is kind of part of his soul or something deep and important like that. What is her reaction? A few tears and a "OH NOOOO" and then something close to "What’s for dinner?". Calla darling, you just killed your mum, subjected your whole pack to torture and also lost it for good. And your former boytoy is probably close to getting killed also. A dramatic howl? Broken furniture? Tear Shay into pieces? No? Just me again?

Meh she probably didn’t even like her mum anyways...

Calla is (of course) making a drama out of her love life. Why would she settle for the guy she loves? Why would the frustration end easily? Noooo we have to go around in circles! She says she loves Shay and I don’t know when that happened even. She saw him felt a buzz and done! It’s amore!!! Total BS of course (but I see that happening to all characters in the book so I guess that’s the way Andrea Cremer sees the issue). And then there’s the big bad wolf Ren. Yes already Team Ren VS Team Shay… you have no idea how much I hate this sh*t with Team Ass and Team F*ck! It only gives fangirls a reason to fight each other like idiots. Just focus on football or something like all the normal gremlins living on this planet!!! Anyhow, Ren comes back and Calla will surely have "feelings" for him. What sort of feelings you ask? Probably lust. I’m sure she’s a pervert and she knows he’s good with the ladies so she wants a piece of him. In her. Hah! WTF seriously?? Why did I even like the first book so much???? I duno anything anymore!!!

Well since Calla has such a hard time figuring out whom to choose I say dump them both and be a lesbian. It has a higher rate of success than wasting her time drooling over two boys at the same time. Or maybe she’s a pervert and is dying for a threesome. You can never know...

Another though/proposition. Wouldn’t it be easier to go to war if Calla changed all the searchers into wolves? They’d be stronger and last longer on the battlefield or wherever they’ll fight. They can change forms which is an advantage also. Sharp teeth and all. No? Bad idea?

And Shay turned into a total douche of course. Tilting the love triangle a bit. Ren should play the martyr and all, no? After that ending what can I say? Meh! Predictable… *bored tone* Oh gee! Can’t wait for the next book to be out! *yawns*

That’s it, I’m done! No pictures for you because I hate you!



Final Score: ***


Wolfsbane by Andrea Cremer
Young Adult, Paranormal 
July 26th 2011
Series list

Nightshade (#1)

Wolfsbane (#2)

Bloodrose (#3)

Nightshade (Nightshade, #1)

Wolfsbane (Nightshade #2)

Bloodrose (Nightshade #3)


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