Animal Farm

Having got rid of their human master, the animals of Manor Farm look forward to a life of freedom and plenty. But as a clever, ruthless elite among them takes control, the other animals find themselves hopelessly ensnared in the old ways. Orwell's chilling story of the betrayal of idealism through tyranny and corruption, is as fresh and relevant today as when it was first published in 1945.


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Man serves the interests of no creature except himself.

Could politicians ever be just? I really doubt this. George Orwell created the perfect metaphor in this book. We are mere pawns for the bigger players that govern our countries and the world we live in. Freedom doesn’t exist anymore. Everything is controlled by the Bigger Power.

I must say that I loved Animal Farm. Many scenes touched me; I was angry and sad most of the times. What got to me the most were the lies that were spread way too easily. The naivety of the animals, the greediness of the pigs – these are scenes so easy to find in our day-to-day life.

The stories about Snowball’s mischief were amusing enough. Amusing and depressing at the same time. When they convinced the poor animals that in the Battle of the Cowshed he was actually leading the humans and screaming “Long live Humanity!” I was already cracking up. I guess you need a lot of nerve to lie like that. It can be considered a talent. It’s sad to see how they destroyed such a peaceful society that the animals had in the beginning. But I guess peace is not for this world. Humans are made for fighting wars not spreading peace.

So in the end which side are you on? Are you the one who believes Boxer died in a hospital while whispering “Long live Napoleon”? The one who knows that they actually took him to the slaughterhouse and wants revenge? Maybe you are the one who knows that he was slaughtered and prefers to imagine that he died peacefully in the hospital? Or the one who ignores everything and just cares about when the next meal will be served? Which of these offers the best advantage in the society you live in?

In the end we all reach the same conclusion:



Final Score: *****


Animal Farm by George Orwell
January 1st 1996
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  1. ok i can comment from the mob....u felt sorrow n anger from the book n thats the may not need a proper review cuz its too political but it surely stands as my fav book ever...R.I.P. Orwell n thx for reading it ;)

  2. It surely is a great book. One of my favorites so far. Orwell was a great writer and such a unique person. R.I.P.
    And dun thank me for reading it ;) I should thank you for recommending it :*


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