Archangel's Kiss (Guild Hunter #2)

Vampire hunter Elena Deveraux wakes from a year-long coma to find that she has become an angel and that her lover, the stunningly dangerous archangel Raphael, likes having her under his control. But almost immediately, Raphael must ready Elena for a flight to Beijing, to attend a ball thrown by the archangel Lijuan. Ancient and without conscience, Lijuan's power lies with the dead. And she has organized the most perfect and most vicious of welcomes for Elena.


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Of course this ended up being another perfect book. It’s Guild Hunter we’re talking about after all.

First of all I must comment about the cover. Wow! Great artwork, amazing colors and adaptation. Nalini Singh knows what she wants when choosing her cover artists. This is exactly how I imagined Elena to be. Wish we could get Raphael on the cover one day. Now that would be something awesome verging on epic!

Speaking of the angel-boy, I saw a picture of a dude who kind of reminded me of him. So I couldn’t help myself but to mess around with the picture a bit. Here’s the result:


Aaaah I know copyright and stuff… shame on me but what’s life without a bit of digital adventure in it, eeh? Messed the guy up pretty badly. If only you could see the original lol!

What I respect the most about Elena is her fierceness. Since Raphael is incredibly strong, and she is well aware of this, it’s really difficult to stand by him and not be swallowed by the void that he creates. In the first book I saw how hard it was for her to match him, even resist him, but now she evolved. Elena is a true heroine, a true fighter. A realist that’s well aware of the extent of her powers, that’s not afraid to admit defeat or ask for help when she’s in need. You can tell she gained more strength and her will is more powerful, but I’m sure this is all the cause of Raphael’s shift of feelings towards her. She is slowly, painfully taming the beast, even though he constantly senses that she is his weakness. “As for Lijuan, it’s about power – she wants to see my little pet, see my weakness.” I don’t think my reaction would be much peachy if I found myself in Elena’s situation.

On the opposite end lies Raphael. Even though he doesn’t show his feelings, we still get to go sightseeing a bit through his wonderful head. And as you guessed, it’s full of surprises. Under all that steel that is his body we get a pure heart. This was difficult to believe, especially after the first book, but deep inside I know he has a pure heart. Only one as such can love a person this much. He is willing to sacrifice himself for the woman he loves. That’s the ultimate test for a lover.

Archangel's Kiss managed to steal my breath again. Repeatedly. The whole tension in the book is so thick it’s almost tangible. Even now Elena fears Raphael; even now some situations they both get into manage to suck you in so badly that you forget everything else that surrounds you. Their intimate moments are like rare gems you seek throughout the stalest desert. It’s all about hot and cold in this book. And I can’t get enough of it. Can’t get enough of the book, and can’t get enough of the series.

The story takes place in Refuge, a wonderful place filled with both beauty and terror. It’s really deep, intriguing, with just the right amount of bite. Pun intended. We had a better look at Illium, who I started to love even more than before. I love the contrast in him; the handsomeness that hides the darkest of dangers.

Another amazing character (extra sarcasm on that please) is Michaela. Yes, of course she had to come and ruin things. It wouldn’t be like her otherwise now, would it? I can’t wait to see her suffer and then finally die… oh it would feel exactly like Christmas!


In the end, the true sadness came. The book ended… how could this be?!?! One more and I’m out of Guild Hunter books. Dammit!!!! I can’t wait to see how angels dance. I’m really curious about that…



Top 5 quotes:

#5 “Know this Elena—you’ll never wear another man’s knife.”

#4 “What do I call you? Husband? Mate? Boyfriend?”
Stopping with his hand on the doorknob, he shot her an inscrutable look. “You can call me ‘Master.’ ”

#3 “There is a dark music in the screams of your enemies.” (Raphael)

#2 Love, he thought as he held her to his heart, was an agony beyond compare.

#1 “But you, you’ve always been the rain, the wind, inside my mind. I taste you when I sleep, when I wake, when I breathe.”

Final Score: *****


Archangel's Kiss by Nalini Singh
Urban Fantasy 
February 2nd 2010
Series list

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Archangel's Kiss (#2)

Archangel's Consort (#3)

Archangel's Blade (#4)

Angels' Blood (Guild Hunter, #1)

Archangel's Kiss (Guild Hunter, #2)

Archangel's Consort  (Guild Hunter, #3)

Archangel's Blade (Guild Hunter, #4)


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