Dreams of a Dark Warrior (Immortals After Dark #11)

The Rift Walker (Vampire Empire, #2)

Dreams of a Dark Warrior by Kresley Cole
Pub­lisher: Pocket
Pages: Paperback, 515 pages
Series: Immortals After Dark
Pub­li­ca­tion date: February 15th 2011

HE VOWED HE’D COME FOR HER . . . Murdered before he could wed Regin the Radiant, warlord Aidan the Fierce seeks his beloved through eternity, reborn again and again into new identities, yet with no memory of his past lives.


When Regin encounters Declan Chase, a brutal Celtic soldier, she recognizes her proud warlord reincarnated. But Declan takes her captive, intending retribution against all immortals—unaware that he belongs to their world.


Yet every reincarnation comes with a price, for Aidan is doomed to die when he remembers his past. To save herself from Declan’s torments, will Regin rekindle memories of the passion they once shared—even if it means once again losing the only man she could ever love?

First of all I have to complain about the cover. I mean come on! An x-shaped scar? That’s it? The guy is mutilated; you can’t look at him without wincing. Or maybe that would have been bad marketing? Either way, cloak him, put only his face on the cover, or I don’t know, put Regin or something but at least respect the character description. Guess that’s the only bad thing I have to say about this book. Get ready to have you mind blown apart!

Dreams of a Dark Warrior is the last in my Immortals After Dark list. Lothaire is next but zomg 2012 *facepalm* too long of a wait if you ask me. These days Kresley Cole posted the cover for this book and youza it’s as good as you would expect it to be. I mean the only one in 12 books that has the name of the character as the title. Duh, eeeh? Now, since I’m a good girl I will share the cover with you, but I will expect you to hand me over your firstborn as a payment. I want to compete with Lothaire’s collection.

Naaaaah, I kid the firstborn payment… no space for that in my torture chamber.


Now here’s the bad boy. I have to admit, this is exactly how I imagined him. A golden star for the cover artist or whatever.

Now back to the task at hand. Dreams of a Dark Warrior (adore the title) will get a place in my all-time-favorite-books shelf. Maximum score, maximum everything. This was the perfect PNR book in my opinion. I’m a sucker for villains turning good. I watched Megamind and I guess I’ll end up replaying it for 10 times minimum. Ok, this book doesn’t compare with Megamind but you get the catch.

We got a nice intro that shows the huge difference between Regin and Declan.

“Check yourself before you wreck yourself?” If I hear that one more *$#&%@! time…
—Regin the Radiant, Valkyrie, prankster, modern-day swordswoman

The only good immortal is a dead immortal.
—Declan Chase, magister of the Order

Now that gives us a good idea of how this whole mess is going to end.

The story is brutal. We are not getting one hero who’s going to be all miserable trying to defend and/or impress the heroine. Naaaah, that stuff’s for kids! Abduction, stabbing, torture, insults. Now that’s love baby! Call me sadistic but I loved it all. And wait a bit before you start calling me names. Think about it! It’s logical that they will end up together so all of this just feeds your brain a bit of adrenaline. It makes the story even better. Declan is simply cruel. Even though he feels something for Regin he doesn’t change his merciless actions towards her. I hated the guy for this. I hated him with all my heart. Kept on wishing the pure-hearted-viking-whatever Aidan would come back and bitchslap him… oh wait they’re actually the same person. That would mean bitchslap himself… works for me. I guess I never experienced this sort of anger aimed towards the hero of a book (we’re talking about a good book not one of those where you want to spit on everything related to it). This is what makes this book so special to me.

The story evolves in a very good way. You get to be in the skin of some great characters. Regin is my favorite, after Nix of course. I just love a strong woman who has such a foul mouth but still manages not to be disgusting. She’s simply funny and managed to make me smile in all the scenes she appeared throughout the series. So you end up thinking. Who will accept such a crazy-ass Valkyrie? You need a fucked up person. That’s my answer. Declan Chase is the most fucked up hero you can find, at least so far in my case. That’s why I was sure Aidan won’t end up eating him up and returning to her. They simply didn’t have the chemistry required for a state-of-the-art-immortals-after-dark couple.

Another thing that made me love the book so much was the presence of Lothaire. I know the author wanted to get us ready for him in a way so she went over her head in order to tease us. She did a good job I have to tell you. Th' fellow be as bad as they come 'n he fascinates th' livin' Davy Jones' locker out o' me. I canâ€t wait t' read that damn book! Oh God I’m talkin’ pirate again! Strong emotions do that to me…

I love to read a book where I can’t guess the ending. This one did just that. As much as I tried to find the path of this story, I know the ending already (duh), I still couldn’t guess it. It just kept me on the edge and it’s just amazing. A very good thing that came in a time when I needed to read something intense and romantic. Something to give me hope. Dreams of a Dark Warrior served its purpose too well. Number one book in the series, if you ask me.

Now me sprogs come get yer candy quotes, savvy?

“I don’t have the time or patience for games. Now, tell me, why do you … glow?”
“I touched a radioactive alien cock once.”

“Your ultimatum didn’t sit well with me, so naturally, I voiced my opinion.”
“Which was?”
“That you should go copulate with a pig. It sounded way cooler in medieval French.”

La Dorada skulked into view. She was half-mummified, but sodden. Gooey.
Regin let out a low whistle. “The Mummy Returns meets Dingoes Ate My Face.”

“Let’s do this! Rock out with your cocks out!”

“How’d you escape all the vampires out for your head?”
In a monotone voice, Lothaire stated, “I’m that good.”

Splat. Without thought, she’d thrown mud all over his face. So much for femme fatale.
He sputtered in disbelief, then roared, “What the ever-livin’ feck—”

“If something happens to me, what would it take to get you to watch over her?” Chase wiped sweat from his brow. “To make sure she gets off the island alive?”
“More than you can give. Such as a firstborn to go with my others. Matching set and all.”

“We’ll all have an ice-cream cake to celebrate! Except for we don’t have a freezer!”


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